Color Inspiration – Moss Green & Orange

Hello Everyone! I hope you are having a great Monday. Mine is synonymous with a”normal” schedule as our son is back at school after last week’s fall break.

I really enjoyed preparing last week’s post on color inspiration and decided for it to become a regular feature on the blog. I want to show you that color inspiration can be found anywhere and not just in interior design magazines. I already have images I am working on and can’t wait to share them with you.

Last week I was spending time with my son in the park next to our home. Fall is really here now and it was a beautiful, cold and windy day. There were two crab apple trees and their golden fruits contrasted beautifully with the moss/olive green of their branches. I took a picture with my phone but didn’t get a good shot; So when I thought about inspirational color schemes my mind went straight to those crab apples and I found the perfect shot here. The room shot I already knew from Elle Decor as I had pinned it in the past to y Colorful Interiors board on Pinterest.

This combination of yellow-green and yellow orange is called a diad color scheme. This means that it uses two colors located two steps apart on the color wheel, skipping the color in between (definition by Kate Smith to be found here). The orange is a tint (white added) and keeps therefore all its freshness. The green on the other side is toned down with both black and white. It grounds the combination, keeping it from being too loud.

I somehow associate this color scheme with traditional houses in Provence. The architect DD Allen, however, created a relaxed and contemporary space with it, showing that color doesn’t define one style but works with whatever style you chose.

I hope you like it!

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