Color Inspiration – Lavender & Green

It’s color inspiration Monday!

You must have noticed that green is my favorite color. My blog’s name isn’t “Emerald Green Interiors” by chance. I have always loved the color scheme I am showing you today. In fact I remember being a a 10 year old kid and drawing two large blocks of color with my felt-tips; One was green and the next one was purple. Isn’t it surprising how some things just stay the same over the years? When I first designed my blog it integrated those colors and the interiors picture I am using to illustrate this scheme was one of the very first I uploaded to my Pinterest account. Maybe I’ll add some purple again on my website sometime.

Purple and green are both secondary colors, meaning that they are created through mixing the next two primary colors. What makes this room of the Limewood Hotel photographed by Richard Powers so remarkable is how the color is layered with different intensities. On the inspiration picture the interest comes from the varying degrees of green from the distressed dresser and purple from the different antic bottles. This effect is reproduced in this interior: See how the first room showcases three different greens, a darker one on the armchair, a lighter one on the second armchair and a greenish white on the walls. The second room works just the same way with the floor, wall covering, seating and darker cushions. The link between the two rooms is created very efficiently yet in a subtle way with a barely lavender pillow on the armchair in the green room and a green bowl sitting on the small table of the purple room. Simply brilliant design, don’t you think!

Have a lovely week dear readers!


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