Color Inspiration – Coral & blue grey

Hello dear readers. First and foremost let me thank you for your visits to my site that have been the result of my mood board being published on Decor8’s website. I do hope that you liked what you saw and that you will stick around some more.

I just came back from a two day family getaway and for once left computer and internet connection behind. I had even forgotten my cell phone charger, so from Sunday midday on, didn’t even have a possibility to check my emails. It was actually a good thing to get away from it for once and to enjoy the relaxing time. I am lucky though that I had at least prepared the images of this post last week since it’s already late evening here.

You have probably seen the picture on the right of my collage before. It’s all over Pinterest and the blogosphere. It originates from Martha Stewart’s website. The beautiful photography of this Hydrangea and Roses bouquet can be found here, but as most of my pictures, I also found it through Pinterest.

This color combination is a very interesting one because it’s not an obvious one. The colors used are neither analogous (sitting next to each other on the color wheel), nor complementary ones (directly opposite one another on the wheel). They neither form a diad color scheme like in my past example moss green & orange. The blue grey is a tone of blue green and the orange is a tone of orange. So why do those two colors work together?

They work together because they have the same intensity, or in this case lack off. Although those two colors are very different, the addition of grey in their composition makes them look like they belong to the same family. If for example the blue green had not been toned down, not only would it have been very bright, but the orange would have looked dirty next to it. It is actually quite risky to mix bright colors with muted and toned down ones in a same space. It is something that needs practice and a good understanding of color dynamics. If you want to read more about this, I can only suggest Maria Killam’s blog. She is a color expert and blogger who has written numerous articles on the subject.

I decided to show you this interior’s picture because this is what my work focuses on, but this color scheme can be seen quite often on exteriors in Europe. It can be found in southern France and Italy, but I have also seen it here in Belgium and no latter than this morning on an 19th century house in Lille, northern France (was passing by car so I had no time to grab a picture). This coral color was made of ocher, which is a natural pigment and can therefore be found on many old buildings. Check out this wonderful building in Toscana (source here)

What do you think of today’s color inspiration and scheme? Could you imagine yourself surrounded by it. It certainly feels cozy to me! Have a wonderful week.


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  • I think of Italy or somewhere in Europe when I first saw the photos. Coral is one of my favorite colors 🙂ReplyCancel