Color Consultation: A Dark Green Study

One of the favorite things I get to do in my work is color consultation and helping people to choose the right colors for their interiors. At the begining of the year we visited my sister who lives in a beautiful house in the countryside, about a hundred kilometers away from Toulouse in the south of France. She had a nice room on the ground floor that serves as a study and she wanted to paint it so she asked for my advice. So let me walk you through it:

The room has a decent size but doesn’t get much natural light as there is only one rather small window, the wall is quite thick and there is a large chestnut tree outside.  My sister wasn’t afraid of using a dark color as the room isn’t meant as a real working place, but rather a room to retire to with a good book when the summer days get too hot outside. In this type of situations a few good lighting fixtures are enough to take care of the issue. She was thinking of painting it olive green, which would have worked very well with her Oh so British looking Ikea Sofa cover, hadn’t it been for one detail. When working on a color consultation you have to take into account all the fixtures, and the ones you start with are the ones you can’t move like the floors. In this room there was a lovely fireplace with a marble inlay on the floor in front of it. And this marble was, and still is, a dark bluish green which would have looked dreadful next to olive green. I am absolutely sorry for my dreadful pictures but they were taken in a hurry and the only one that shows the said marble is blurry and ugly, but at least you see what I am talking about. So we took it from the marble which happened to work also with the green border of the rug, that my sister didn’t really plan to keep but is still there and at least working with the overall color scheme. I showed her three different greens from lighter to darker and she went with the darkest one. I have to say here that it does look darker in real life than on my pictures. It has nonetheless become a welcoming and warm room.

Now I can see what you will ask next. What the hell is up with that red fireplace? Well that’s exactly what I wondered too. My sister had told me about it on the phone. The painter had advised her to paint it this brick red, that he had done it for another client and that it looked great. My sister went for it only to realize that it didn’t look that great and without meaning to be offensive to British readers, well a little too English. Let’s face it it could be worse: the red still works somewhat with her accessories but the beautiful warm wood color of the fireplace gets totally sucked away by the red. My sister still has plenty of the green paint so she can have it covered whenever she’ll get really sick of this look which might be quite soon. The conclusion would be that once you are happy with the colors you have chosen with your color consultant, please don’t let anyone, even the painter, misguide you. Otherwise what’s the point of hiring a consultant?

Again, sorry for the bad quality of the images. I hope you’ve found this post interesting nonetheless. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have. Have a lovely weekend.

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