Chairloom: A love affair with upholstery

If you’ve read my bio, you probably know that I have a love affair with seating furniture.  I could collect chairs, armchairs, stools, benches and the likes by the dozen because I am fascinated by the various shapes they come in. There is not one time when I visit a consignment store or a flea market that I don’t see a piece that tickles my interest and that I could imagine in another setting upholstered with a different fabric. Because this is the secret: I see past the ugly vinyl, the faded floral chintz, the broken springs or the chipped paint. I see what is important: the shape, the carved details, the interesting legs and I know that a good upholsterer will bring out just this once I have provided him with my choice of fabric.

Chairloom is an upholstery studio that believes in “the importance of second chances”. Based near Philadelphia in the US they source antic or vintage furniture to reupholster for a local and national clientèle. Molly Andrews & Tracy Jenkins, the partners behind Chairloom have an eye for modern and colorful fabrics from big and small fabric suppliers and a knack for unexpected combinations. Trust them, they know how to update your latest find or your grandmother’s armchair.

Their website features a great before & after section with many shots of some of the work they have done. I always tell clients about the potential of reupholstering but images speak a thousand words, so check them out and you will be surprised to see how powerful a new fabric is in giving a new personality to a dated piece.Through Co-Lab, Chairloom now also offers custom made pieces like mid-century benches, square frame benches like the one above upholstered in a Lulu Dk Fabric, fabulous X-benches or various types of stools.It seems like I had a hard time cutting down the number of pictures for this post. There must be at least ten other ones that I was ready to publish. Can you understand why? Aren’t the fabric used beautiful? I love the fact that a lot of them are hand-printed and have this handmade/uneven feel to them. Check out more of Chairloom’s work on their website and their Pinterest boards. You will be treated to a treasure chest of inspiration and who knows, you might find just the perfect chair you were looking for. Have a wonderful day!

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  • Besides the varies shapes of the armchairs, benches and chairs, their secret are their fabrics ( in my humble opinion).
    They combine very fresh and contemporary prints with classic furniture pieces and make them just unique. Lovely find, Corinne!ReplyCancel

    • That’s exactly it Gudy. Choosing the right fabric is such an important decision when reupholstering.ReplyCancel

  • I popped over to their site – amazing transformations. It’s incredible to see their fresh vision for classic pieces. Thanks for the inspiration.ReplyCancel

  • […] pieces on Madeline Weinrib’s website here. This is a brilliant example, as was my report on Chairloom, that shows how much a fabric can transform furniture; Even when the mentioned furniture has such a […]ReplyCancel

  • […] collection launched in collaboration with Alfresco Fabrics while researching for my article on Chairloom. The versatility and practical aspect of an indoor/outdoor fabric collection always gets my vote as […]ReplyCancel

  • We are so grateful and honoured to be a part of the dramatic and important upholstery work Chairloom is doing. Their skills and talent are to be admired!ReplyCancel