Cappellini Meltdown Lamp by Johan Lindsten

This post will mark the first of a series of shorter more regular ones. As you might know I am almost due with with our second child. My due date being next Tuesday if I haven’t given birth by the time this post is published I will very soon. I have tried to get ahead of the game in anticipation of the first weeks that will be quite busy and have already scheduled a few posts so that this space doesn’t become a dead one. I will try to keep on sharing as much inspiration as I can with you, but I will obviously have a little less time to devote to the blog. To help me along I will have some posts by guest bloggers like Yana at Nomad Luxuries, which I hope you will enjoy.

Today’s post is about Cappellini new light fixture, the Meltdown lamp by Johan Lindsten. The concept of the lamp was inspired by a reflexion on the Fukushima tragedy: “Would an actual meltdown occur and what would the impact be? The disaster is reflected in the lamps where the process already begun and the bulb are about to melt through the last defense of the glass.”

The result is a hand blown glass globe available in six different colors that can be hung by itself or as a cluster.

It does remind me quite a bit of the “Lamp N°2” by Andrew Mitchell Design I had blogged about here. What’s your favorite color and how would you use it?

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