Bold, colorful and geometric wallpapers

It’s no mystery that the geometric trend has been going on in home decor for a little while now. Recently however I have been seeing more large scaled and colorful designs than I used to. I love their high decorative impact and although I am not really the lover of feature walls I used to be a couple of years ago, those are perfect for them. Those designs need space to express themselves and not too much competition in terms of furniture. Prefer hallways, staircases or small areas with contemporary or clean lined furniture. Here are my favorites:

Circus by Cole & Son: What a fantastic design and great colors. The combination of the various shades of purple, green and fuchsia is really what gets me swooning over it.

Emerald Green Interiors bold geometric wallpaper 3

Facet by Cole & Son: A beautiful monochrome design available in blue or grey. The white hand drawn edge and the unevenly sized facets is what sets it apart from similar designs.

Emerald Green Interiors bold geometric wallpaper 4

Remix by Ferm Living: A simple and effective design consisting of triangles in various shades of blue and white or greys and white. Retro Scandinavian and on trend as can be.

Emerald Green Interiors bold geometric wallpaper 2

Mosaic by Minakani Lab: Those large inverted triangles hand printed in over 30 different colors are sure to create a unique backdrop like they do in this minimalist working area.

Emerald Green Interiors bold geometric wallpaper 1

It’s a pity that all the walls in our house are textured making the use of wallpaper really difficult, otherwise I’d love to use the Mosaic paper in our entry hall.

What do you think of those large patterns? Could you live with them or would they give you headaches?

* Photo credits: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4

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  • Is it any surprise that I <3 this wallpaper? Great color and bold geometric designs would be perfectly at home in my home. Thanks for sharing. ~KateReplyCancel

  • Oh wow! I adore that first Cole & Son paper. What sheer fun to have that. But would I do it in my house? hmmmm. Actually, I have a hallway leading to the kitchen (see Interiors on my nav bar) that is currently a great orange, but would also be a really fun place for this bit of color graphic. Ah yes, but would the husband go for it? He generally will agree to whatever design projects I want (yes, lucky me!). Thanks Corinne. and Happy New Year!ReplyCancel

  • Jennifer

    I have textured walls as well, but these would be really fun to use as an oversized (framed on all for or just two sides) piece of art.ReplyCancel