Before and After: Elena’s Madrid Flat

Elena is a young professional woman who knows what she likes. She lives in a one bedroom apartment that she has been owning for a couple of years but only recently got to taking the time to decorating it. The flat is modern and consists of a rather narrow living room, a nice bedroom, a kitchen and a bathroom. She contacted me shortly after having a custom wall unit and bar table ordered. She was planing to have a painter come before everything was installed and was looking for advice on colors to choose.

Emerald Green Interiors E flat*

Let me show you a few before pictures. You can see that the right wall of the living room was left in apparent brick which are a shade of warm grey. Elena had also purchased the metallic bronze leather sofa a year ago so we needed to find colors that would work with both fixed elements as well as with the new wall unit which was ordered in grey similar to the wall with mustard yellow accents.

Emerald Green Interiors Elena flat before 1Emerald Green Interiors Elena flat before 2

For the bedroom Elena had already in mind to use a shade of darker blue. She wanted it to match the bright yellow bed linens she uses most of the time and wasn’t afraid of going dark for a feature wall behind the bed.

Emerald Green Interiors Elena flat before 3Emerald Green Interiors Elena flat before 4

We chose a beautiful muted dark blue (NCS 6020R90B) for the bedroom feature wall. It is elegant and soothing and has enough strength to balance the yellow linens. For the styling of the after pictures, I used my own Ikea Ranarp work lamp as well as cushions covers from the Svartall collection, whose graphic small scale patterns I love.

Emerald Green Interiors E flat 7*

Emerald Green Interiors E flat 12*

In the living room Elena had thought of using a mustard color on the wall behind the sofa since she had chosen mustard accents on her newly ordered Molteni & C. wall unit. I advised her against it as the color wouldn’t have worked with the color of the leather couch and, suggested that the use the same blue we had chosen for the bedroom. Not only does it really highlight the special metallic finish of the sofa, but also creates a symmetry effect in the flat: In both rooms we now have a blue feature wall and yellow accents. I would also add that when working with smaller spaces using less colors makes it easier to create an ensemble that is coherent.

Emerald Green Interiors E flat 4*

Emerald Green Interiors E flat 14*For all the other walls I helped her choose a light grey in the same range as her brick wall. I am delighted to say that Elena loves the result. I do have to get a few more pictures of the living room with the new wall unit. She was so kind to let me come to take pictures just before leaving for a long weekend and we didn’t have the time to style and take pictures of everything.

Emerald Green Interiors E flat 5*Emerald Green Interiors E flat*

Here again the after view of the living room with the new bar table and gorgeous stools. The blue adds so much character to this flat. I often see clients who are afraid of using strong colors in small spaces but I strongly recommend it. Thank you Elena for your trust and for letting me take those pictures.

* Photography and styling by Corinne Kowal

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  • What a dramatic difference the coloured wall makes. It really brought so much warmth and style to the room. Elena must be so happy with the result. Mel xxReplyCancel

  • A wonderful work with awesome results. I love that blue, Corinne!
    Very well done!ReplyCancel

  • Lovely! I love the blue throughout the house. Floors were poured in our place today, so hopefully back in it before not too long. Will be in touch.ReplyCancel

  • Thank you Jessica. This must be such an exciting time for you even though it mean some logistical headaches.ReplyCancel