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Dear Friends and Readers,

I have been away from the blogging sphere quite a bit and am sorry for it. Moving internationally and settling in a new town always takes more time than anticipated. This time was no exception: It’s been 8 months that we’ve moved to Brussels and I only feel now that we are slowly finding our marks.

I am now back and really excited to launch a post series focusing on some technical questions about using paint. We often talk about the creative aspect of choosing colors and creating color schemes but we shouldn’t forget the technical side.

This series aims to answer the most common questions I have encountered so far about the use of paint.

Feel free to email me with questions you’d like me to answer!

Attached a sneak peek of the project amongst others that has kept me busy since February. It is the almost completed pool room of a house in Saudi Arabia. We are still waiting for the light fixtures and the carpet. Paint & Wallpaper by Little Greene and curtain fabric by Designers Guild.

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    Hello madam :
    My name is Wael bawab an employ in SEDAR Emirates
    Sooooo impressed with your work
    I wish to be contact between us
    By the way SEDAR carried the work for curtain in DK. Hesham house
    Thank you
    Wael bawab
    Mobil 00966 500 644 511
    Mail elitecustomers@sedarksa.comReplyCancel