Back to school and my Summer Inspiration.

Dear Readers, I owe you an apology. I have disappeared without even a notice from this space since July 11th. I hadn’t meant it at all but it just happened. I got sucked into the kids holidays schedule and was left with little to no time to spend on the blog. I had meant well and planed ahead posts to complete while on holidays, but was faced with a dreadful thing: no internet connection. Yes in this modern era there are still places where a good internet connection is close to impossible. Knowing I’d spend close to six weeks in France (yes six you read well, so much for living in socialist Europe) I purchased a 3G internet key. Well a 3G key is absolutely pointless in a small village on the Mediterranean coast set between the sea and the wine hills, where the walls of the village houses are as thick as fortresses letting no chance to those waves to reach my laptop.

As much as I thought about the blog and missed posting on it, I cherish the forced break I had to take from the web, from my Pinterest and Facebook addiction continuously on the lookout for ideas to blog about. What little time I had to myself during the holidays I mostly spent thinking about our future which is holding another big change in the weeks to come. I’ll let you know shortly and will take you along the path. I come back feeling fresh with new ideas to implement on the blog as well as resolutions on the way I want to keep working and spending time on it. I bought tons of interior design magazines, which I didn’t read (parents or former parents of small children you know exactly what I mean) and have started catching up on since returning to Brussels last week.

I am resuming a normal blogging schedule this week with three posts a week. For today I’ll start sharing with you what has been my scenery during four of the six weeks I spent away. Collioure is the place closest to my heart on this planet, and whenever we are on the road and I start seeing the outline of the wine hills I’ve known since early childhood my heart simply fills with pure joy. This place nestled between the sea and the hills is home to many happy memories, colorful houses and the most beautiful light there is. I am extremely happy to share this place with my kids and hope that one day it will hold the same spot in their heart.

I wish you a wonderful week and am delighted to be back with you.

All photography is by Corinne Kowal

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  • Beautiful pictures and this looks like a great place to relax and unwind. Happy to see that you enjoyed your summer. And happy to have you back on the blog 🙂ReplyCancel