Amy Somerville’s Furniture Collection

I recently discovered the work of London based furniture designer Amy Somerville, and let me tell you: I was impressed. And then it came only as half a surprise when I found out that until last year she was associated with Stuart Scott, whose sofas I fell in love with a couple of months ago and featured here. Upon looking at their separate collections it makes no doubt that they share a common aesthetic and love of beautiful craftsmanship. The materials used in Amy Somerville’s collection are exquisite, and every piece, made to order, is customizable in scale and finish. The lines are simple and contemporary, glamorous and feminine. The beauty lies in the details: the streamlined furniture legs, the brass structural accents, or the nailed accents on the upholstery. The choice of plain colorful cotton velvet as material of choice to enhance the shape of the upholstery is certainly another reason my eyes can seem to tire looking at them.

Babo ChairSloop ChairMinx ChairMaven ChaiseFloradora Swivel ChairBabo StoolRaconteur Sofa

The side tables combine shape and material for maximum impact. Wood and bronze play and interact with each other, reflecting each other and their surroundings. The pattern of the wood veneer reinforces the shape of the object.

Tall Bauble TableBauble Side TableReverse Lantern TableB.G.B. BronzeLantern TableB.G.B. Walnut

The collection contains only a handful of cabinetry pieces, but as with the rest this selection is carefully curated around a few show-stoppers like the Supernova Cabinet below. With it’s sunburst patterned brass inserts reminiscent of the Art Deco period, there was now way I could not fall in love with it.

Supernova Cabinet

Head over to Amy Somerville’s website to view the entire collection and let me know which piece you have set your heart on. I wish you a beautiful Monday and a great start in the week. Mine will most certainly bring the expected change we have been waiting for this past nine months.

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  • I would love to have that Raconteur sofa and the sunburst cabinet is to die for – the Art Deco period is one of my favorites. Have a great Monday and ‘expectant’ week.ReplyCancel

    • Dear Cyndi, I know the sunburst is one of my favorites too as you might have noticed that I am a huge fan of Art Deco. Glad you liked them 🙂ReplyCancel