Afraid of taking the plunge? Start slowly

Before thinking that I’m telling you to paint your home bright let me set things straight. I am not. I am merely trying to show you the beauty and endless possibilities associated with the use of color in interior design. If color is not your cup of tea and you are a lover of all white interiors, I absolutely have no issue with it. If you think you like color but are afraid to use then stay with me and hopefully I’ll be able to show you a way or another to incorporate color in your home in a way you feel comfortable about.

One of those ways is to start with fabrics and accessories. They are easy to add and to remove and are not a huge commitment. Try a couple of Erin Flett‘s printed cushions or browse Etsy where you’ll find every kind of cushion style and shape. If you feel a little more daring have a chair reupholstered in a colorful fabric and see what impact the dash of color has on your home. Does the color fit? Is it too bright or too dull? Does it make you feel happy? Does it fit the style of your home? No one said that you had to go from an all neutral color scheme to an all colorful one. You need to get used to using color, you need to do it at your own pace, and you need to find the right balance that will fit your personality and home.

Emerald Green Interiors

See how the small quantity of orange used in this room energized this entire space? Color is not about quantity, it’s about visual impact. I hope that you are spending a beautiful weekend. Fall has settled in Brussels and I am starting to look forward to Madrid’s warmer climate.

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