Adding visual interest with color

I love color and I am certainly not afraid to use it and to cover all my walls with it. But I certainly understand that not everyone is as confident with it nor likes the look of it. Some people despite loving color still prefer the clean look of white walls. While browsing Pinterest I found some great images showcasing color used on small surfaces but with great impact. I loved the fresh, creative and modern approach and decided to share those images with you.

Yes, bringing color into your white space can be as easy as painting a door, a door frame or a nook in a vibrant color. As you can see color is used to add visual interest, to define space like in this green bathroom area or to bring a little fantasy. Would you have thought of painting half a window and the surrounding wall or to create a color door frame where there was only a passageway?

Are you inspired by those images? Have you ever done something similar? If so I’d love to see your images. Have a lovely weekend!

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  • I’m so glad you posted about color. I’ve lived in so many apartments most of my life where the walls were white and boring. Now that I have my own place I just want to use color everywhere. But now no one is using it. I’m planning to paint my bedroom doors and moldings green just like the photo with the orange door. I can’t wait.ReplyCancel