A Flat with Vibrant Color choices

Every color consultation is different but it is safe to say that there are two types of clients: The first ones already have an idea in mind. It might not the most precise or refined one but it already says a lot about a client’s taste and serves as starting point for the consultation. Sometimes the original idea ends up been carried out because it works well in the given space and in other cases the final color scheme might not include it at all. The second type of clients doesn’t have any ideas and wants me to offer suggestions. In that case I take a longer moment to observe the space and its specifics and usually start showing a few colors that fit. Those first colors I pull out are usually toned down ones and not outright bright. They help me to get a feel for what the client likes based on his reactions.

A couple of months ago I met a young Madrid-based entrepreneur and did a color consultation with him. He is the latter type of client and wanted to hear some suggestions. After the first few samples I started to pull out, the direction became pretty clear. Every time the reaction was: “it’s too bland, sad, don’t you have something more vibrant, lively?”. So I pulled out some color for true color lovers but the reaction was still the same and it finally took the most vibrant colors of my color fan deck to get him hitched. Here is the result with a few mood boards including furniture and accessories.

Emerald Green Interiors PAW Living room

The living/dining room will end-up being a hidden homage to the apartment’s tenant’s origins who is half British. (hmmm maybe this is why we ended up with all this color.)

Emerald Green Interiors PAW bedroom

The bedroom is very colorful with a lovely shade of green. It is calmed down with lots of white and natural elements and will have a lovely vertical succulents garden installed on one wall.

Emerald Green Interiors PAW Office

The office will be a bright yellow think tank for new ideas and projects. Besides yellow being known as a creative color it is also the color of of one of this entrepreneur’s successful ventures.

What do you think of so much color? It might not be for everyone but here is a small secret: If you use vibrant colors, keep the room’s color scheme monochromatic and add a lot of white and eventually light wood and natural accessories to lighten up the color effect.

Have a wonderful Easter weekend!

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