6 reasons to choose white for your woodwork

I am often asked about what color to choose for woodwork. By woodwork, I mean the baseboards, door frames and doors. Well I am going to tell you a secret: You should stick to white. Here are the reasons behind it:

1. White works with every other color. You might disagree but you are the only one.

2. Painting woodwork is a hassle and is done on average every 10 years. In this lapse of time you might be changing your wall colors a few times. Your new wall color might not be a good match to the fantastic light green that accented beautifully your dark green walls.  See point above.

3. Has it occurred to you that your doors have two sides? Do you plan on painting each side a different color? If you don’t, do you realize that with your door painted a certain color your choices of wall colors will be limited?

Emerald Green Interiors white woodwork4. White looks crisp and clean on woodwork. It doesn’t follow any trends. Yes it’s classic and timeless.

5. Keeping all the woodwork in your home in a single color brings a sense of consistency and continuity.

6. If you don’t have a precise idea in mind of where you are heading in terms of colors in your house, stick with the safe choice otherwise your home color palette might end up looking very inconsistent and shabby.

Oh and just because I like to play the devil’s advocate, here is a picture of a room where the woodwork is not white. Gorgeous isn’t it? Well it’s by designer Alexander Doherty and the last time I checked this wasn’t your name. So stick with white!

Emerald Green Interiors Alexander Doherty

Have a beautiful Friday!

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  • Love white woodwork. I’m actually repainting some today! (Was supposed to start an hour ago, but apparently I’m reading about it instead.) 🙂ReplyCancel