31 Days. How it’s going so far.

I didn’t really know what I was getting into when at the beginning of the month, I decided to take the 31 Days blogging challenge by The Nester. The past days have been both a lot of fun and challenging. It’s not easy to come up every day with a new article and topic to write about, to find images to illustrate the article. Because blogging does take time, yes really it does. I have missed a day or two and have tried to post twice some days to catch up but that’s proving to be quite difficult. I struggle most on weekends because I get to spend the days with my family and don’t want to disappear behind the computer for hours.

What I am finding the most interesting and surprising is the way I write my articles and how the language and tone I use is evolving. Since I have to write an article each day, I spend a little less time writing pretty sentences and I am allowing myself to use a tone that is maybe more the one I use in my daily life. And this is a lot of fun! That tone is certainly more direct and sometimes ironic and teasing. I am quite the introverted type and as a child was always the silent one; Yet I don’ believe that this is who I really am. Pushing myself to write on a daily basis seems to work as some kind of therapy to release and to let my true personality speak out. I’ve always know that I couldn’t please everyone, I am terribly pragmatic about certain things, but there is difference between knowing it and finally accepting it. I looks like I might be on the way to finding my true voice.

For this, I am already grateful that I have taken this challenge.

(Blank space. Yes I know I need to find a pretty picture to illustrate this highly personal post about my inner growth)

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  • Wow, congratulations on taking part in that blogging challenge! I wouldn’t know how to keep it up, because I’ve been so busy in real life that I got totally behind with blogging. Anyway, I hope to step it up a notch with the new BYW e-course now in November, so I hope it will bring me again some new inspiration!! 🙂 Will come back here more often, I love me some color too in my own home. 😉
    Hugs, Inge xReplyCancel